Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I see my soul indivisibly with you,
lingering one the newly budded leaves,
I see the flowers dancing upon,
holding fast to the fading dreams,
I see the breeze gentle and warm,
carrying love up its sleeves,
I see the sun ray's bright and clear,
spreading care, warmth and belief,
you can continue to measure
my love for you
for I do not see you,
but love you blindly.
In this part of the story ,
 I am the one who dies,
and die out of love and glory.


Acacia-(yellow), symbolizes secret love.
It's after a long time that i am writing and i realized the same when my screen blinked, indicating "wrong password", life was keeping me on a roll .I wan't to thank all those who have been there during my tough time and also those, whose best wishes were unconditionally there with me.
I assure you all that I will continue taking wrong decisions,neglecting my health,become a i know i am blessed with people like you in my life..


  1. virendra said...:

    It's really great to see something new on this blog..
    after 6-7 months u r writing..n trust me the magic of 'your words' is still there..Welcome back:)

    loved this one,..beautiful..

    and anu u r a beautiful soul''.. u'll always be loved by everyone around u..doesn't matter if u take wrong decisions, neglect ur health..or be workaholic(aaa.. personally i don't like this workaholic thing..)

    n 'Yellow Acacia' symbolizes secret love..i didn't know that..
    thank fr this;)