winds of change -1

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rini was going through an emotional turmoil, the euphoria, the romance, the thrill was diminishing in her 2 year old relationship. She was figuring ways to dispel the monotony.
Her relation had been through fair share of storms, and each time she managed to smash it hard in face and want it to happen again.
But little did she know what was in store for her. Poised and smart as always, there was something unusual today……that aubergine dress, which made her look all the more stunning.
Vikram was at the door when there were still 60 ticks left for the clock to strike 8:00 pm. She gave a quick gaze to both the interiors and rose to greet him.
She had laid the best china, gold table runners, vanilla scented candles and the aroma could have made anyone feel hungry for the supper and more. Dining together vikram gazed reflectively at her liquid brown eyes, which showcased all the mad love for him. By the time she was cleaning the stuff, began the foreplay, kissing, stroking……but she interrupted insisting for a dance together, dim light, sweet fragrance, the perfect ambience for love to be in the air and also to overcome her inhibitions , after all she wanted to marry him.
He began caressing her hair, moving to the tunes, breathing her deep.
“I am a novice at these things”. she said blushing. As she wrapped her hands around him, it was like a leaf getting swept away in a current of water. She felt magic and important and right and happy. As if,  it  was all that mattered. Eventually the night came to an end and she woke up alone in the bed with only dreams on her side (vikram had left before it was time for maid to be in).
She sat back at once , startled by what she had done, but she felt good….the mere thought of being with vikram painted her cheeks. She immediately texted him , of how she was feeling…..he didn’t  answer.
She called him up but he disconnected, she felt worse. Texting later “dinner tonight “
And to her surprise , he was bang on time…with a bunch of flowers this time…
Calling out loudly…
For the dreamer’s dream
             Charmer’s charm
             Wandering soul
              Pretty as a flower …
(what these lines meant ,it was really hard to understand, but all what mattered were the feelings)
And he winked at her.



Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have often been told by my dad, how important I was for my mother.
At the time of her delivery, she had asked the doctor to make sure she has a daughter and if not she should get one.
Turning back the pages I realize, 25 years back when everyone preferred a son, as he would uphold the family values and ensure its continuity, my mother wanted rather insisted for a daughter and this mere realization makes me feel special.
How she enjoyed my smiling, screaming, clutching her fingers, fiddling with her sari and how she still cherishes recalling those moments. How  she always use to pass on her share of chocolate pudding to me, telling me she never did really care for it, and how she still stares at me in amusement with her pebble like eyes, seeing me lick the bowl.
I fail to understand, why all the songs dedicated to mothers showcase how sentimentally and emotionally their son’s are bonded with them.
I guess I cried thrice of what my brother did after listening to Shankar mahadevan’s  “meri ma”(tare zameen par).
I can bet daughters love their mothers equally or may be even more.
I cannot really express how I feel about my mother in words, but I have learned to love her since we first met. At times it seems that it’s only her who completely understands me , despite of my repeating “mum you won’t understand”, yet she always does and is my never failing support system.
More often we say that I love this dress, this song, this colour………..
 Less often, we love you mom.
This mother’s day and all other days to come, I’ll let her know how special she is and how much I love her. Maybe she is not my entire life but holds a great part of it and no one except her can love me so purely and her divine love is what I’ll treasure throughout my life.


Here's a song dedicated to every mother...
sung by Sagarika  and lyrics by veteran Nida Fazli....