The pink paper

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
march has mostly been a non working month for me,though most of the people are busy filing their returns, students busy with their exams, mother's busy in keeping a track of their studies, not many weddings to attend and be a part of, puts a dance instructor like me in a no work zone.

    now the question arise what should i do?
    not to kill time but to make best use of it.

well i scanned my c.d collection, woila!
found step up1, step up 2 and a gifted step up 3,but they just lasted a day.
the search began the great idea was to experiment with reading,don't be surprised on my mentioning that heading the list was the "business standard"(newspaper).
these pink papers as they are known in the business world has been a part of my home decor since ages.the only place where they were never to be seen was my room.but today, they managed their way to my desk.The headlines of the articles seemed so alien like "liquor prices to rise 20% on material costs, excise duty.", it will not matter to my glass of red wine..will it?

i continued flipping till i could locate a familiar word 'facebook'.
It read " facebook , twitter valuations may show a new tech bubble"*.some how i managed to read the entire article.
phew! it was informative but i had had enough for the what? magazine...
time to pamper myself and be a fashionista...
the hot pixie hair look,tangerine lips,pretty pink toe nails, the LBD(little black dress)..
i am ready for the freedom (no work) party.
the facebook bug is so popular at the social gatherings,the first question usually asked"are u on facebook ?"

oh god! i was so tired of answering the usual way..but hey,i knew a little more than just knowing how to poke friends.
"yes i am on facebook ,do anyone of you know that facebook has a fast growing revenue..(silence)
about one in three people are online according to data from internet world stats and to add to the information,(oh, i was enjoying the attention) Goldman and JP Morgan chase have invested in internet start ups like facebook and twitter* .
awestruck!! for a dance instructor and above all a girl to know all this...!

yes, you guessed it right i was soon the star at the day morning my facebook account showed a long list of  friend requests.:)
i guess it's the color pink which works,thanks to the pink paper..


p.s: *information taken from business standard.
(hope this will work pulkit).


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let it be a typical weekend night, let’s party , said arjun, hoping to put her at ease.
Going giddy headed with all that partying and beer cans it got very late and dark, the black fabric of night could swallow almost everything.
“if you know someone who tries to drown their sorrows…………said drishti
…….You might tell them sorrows know how to swim, continued arjun.(quoted in p.s. I love you)
And they both giggled. This was  their another common like.
Her cellphone beeped again and a sudden chill grip her chest.
Why don’t you spit it out or let me see who’s it, his was a firm voice.
She haven’t ever talked of it with anyone but wanted to tell him, drishti hid her problems from her boyfriend but usually discussed them in detail with arjun.
Staring at the moon in it’s first quarter she proceeded, I was sexually abused as a child,she gulped and then continued , her voice turning deep,
Though it never bothered the roll of my life until when I discovered what it was ..looking at the star which detached itself  and fell, she cried secretly.
By now arjun was deeply aware of her melancholy…
She continued, and even before I could realize, I was in this impossible love with tarun(boyfriend), of which I thought was just a passing phase, but life was putting me in a direction I didn’t want to go in.

 to be continued......