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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
"Fragile pixie"

Everything around her is imbued with a breathless sense of wonder,the magical charm of love.
The dew drops,setting sun,romantic songs,monsoons and corns,melted chocolate,orange candies,
colour pink and Kushal.

But she was annoyed,very annoyed. All because she was not sure if she could stay without her love.
They had not planned this escapade,it just popped in.

Sara was ok with everything until she saw on Kushal's face book account the party pics with different girls,whom she was not knowing and have n't heard of either.
Which Indian girl is going to be ok  with her love going on a holiday with girls whom she does n't even know.

Kushal had nothing to  explain or defend himself,all what he could say was,"it was just a holiday and if you
have a problem with this,you should be there with me".
(Sara is in Bangalore,for a dance therapy course and Kushal is handling his business in Delhi)

It was hard for her to digest the lame excuse ,she found it utterly rubbish.There 6 year old relation was now on stake.
Kushal refused to accept his mistake and this time Sara was adamant not to bunk it without clarifications.

Her ivory town was now collapsing with each passing day.He did n't turn up,not even once rather he was living with  the notion that she was over reacting.

   Gradually ,she learned how to live without him and still be happy, as she was told not to compromise when it's all about self respect.But something was missing,the rains were no more romantic and the songs pricked too......

She decided to leave,leave everything.It was under process but before it could materialise , there was an unexpected call.
His voice broke the walls,which she had built up around her all these days.

"I was wrong,please forgive me , I cant live without you, all these days i have been desperately waiting for your call ,it's difficult to face the emptiness when your not around".
"open the door,it's raining outside and I am all wet".
He was standing outside her apartment ,she melted in his arms."Sara please don't leave me , you know I am stupid and i  need you more than you need me ."
"tum mujhe jaane hi kyun dete ho","you are shivering ,coffee?"
The magic was back and there world was complete.
holding her close,kissing her tears.....gazing her deep brown hypnotic eyes..........


  1. Wow!! made me feel like i'm watching some movie scene!!
    you know very well...."how to play with words"..
    bas..climax thoda jaldi ho gaya.....but it was its not a movie and we dont have 2-3 hours..
    but overall it was excellent...specially the 1st paragraph..and this line...
    "His voice broke the walls,which she had built up around her all these days."
    i love the way you've written it..

  1. Kanak said...:

    I was searching some poem blogs when i went through your blog..and all i can say is Your poems and stories are simply great..
    "Peeping in life", "Kissed angel" and this one i liked most:)

  1. anushree said...:

    # virendra
    thank u so much..
    your comments always make me feel good...n motivate to for some great work...thanks for being such a loyal reader...
    keep reading!

  1. anushree said...:
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  1. anushree said...:
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  1. anushree said...:

    may be its a coincidence but i like this name alot...
    thanks for reading..
    keep visiting!
    god bless!

  1. PULKIT said...:

    not love ergh!

    anyways.... back to story...
    by the way, one correction :P even pakistani, bangladeshi, chinese girls... too might be possesive about their respective guys :D
    what's the issue about the whole...indian girl thing :P
    just pulling a leg... anyways....
    story was very sweet. females are too complicated, u never know what they assume, what they want, what they wish.... when that can change

  1. anushree said...:

    it will never change,and i guess that is what keeps u close to them,the urge to crack the code:)