kissed angel

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Angels they exist
now I am sure
not the winged one's
but their heart is pure

no supernatural power
no magic wand
showering only smiles
creating special bonds

by happy coincidence
I met one
it wasn't an illusion
neither it's for fun

entering my world
when I so very needed
searching for happiness
on every door when I pleaded

shattered by storms
when I refused to fly 
hoping against hope
was his final try

assembling the pieces
that were mine
turning down gloom
bringing sunshine

who's the blessed angel
I often thought
for what reason's 
was he bought

may be I have answer
answers to this all
kissed by the almighty
he came in winter fall

unaware of what 
life planned for me 
cursing god
for hard times I see

worse was still
to come my way
thinking it's over
enough of the play

this angel came
came in my life
for what reason's 
I could not find

perpetual bother
I proved to him
summoned his presence
with big fat grin

time made me realise
much he (god) cared for me 
worried of future 
he sent thee

no more a trash
I think of me 
his special child
I am suppose to be.......

T- junction

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

With each passing day 
endless desire to be with you
creeps in me to stay
love served as a perch
where sojourn  I lay

 I want to remain
departure is not my wish
but its only for our gain
this decision leaves me mugged
its difficult to express the pain

the distance will grow
grow our love strong                                                                                  
at times its good to let go                                                                                   
for if the bond is true                                                                                   
someday it will back flow


let love never fade                                                                                   
only it has the strength                                                                                    
to ease our travail.....