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Friday, October 9, 2009

half: a kiss
9th october
4:00 in the morning, phone rings
aisha-(sleepy yet awake)"hello!"
no reply
-"hello"baby are you ok?"
" where are you?"

a song is heard loud and clear
you are so beautiful,so damn beautiful(akon)

aisha smiles and before she could speak
kunal-"I LOVE YOU"
how many pegs down
?"(ppl get romantic after boozing i read it some where)
kunal- "i dont remember"
aisha - "baby where are you?"
kunal- "i dont remember, am driving,heading towards..god knows where"
" i miss you yaar! aa jao na"
*the two of them started 7 yrs back same date and today is there anniversary.
497 km away from new delhi, aisha was there in lucknow.long distance reationship,yes that is what it was.they often met now and then as it was his home town as well.

)"how much i want to be there with you. tum aa jao na its been so long"

kunal hates when she cries(holding his emotions-i have office tomorow,got to wake up early,aap so jao,i have reached home,gdnt.

*before she could was disconnected.
when did the crying eyes went of to sleep even they diidnt morning with fixed routine aisha rushed for her classes(amity,integrated final year)
on her way phone beeped,there was a msg from kunal

"dnt go 2 college
meet at c.c.d hazratganj
in half an hour
hv sent a giftwid
a fren(varun)
luv ya"

confused aisha calls him-"whats this?
kunal(in a hurry)-"i am a little busy baby,in a meeting call you later
do go and collect your gift."

"but i dont know whose varun?"

"dnt worry he know you,hope you will like it
do let me know,luv ya bye!"
*stuck in jam she was already 20 min late.
phone rings again(screen flashin kanu calling..)before she could say anything

kunal-"where are you?,always late the other person is waiting,he isnt your servant,
whats taking you so long?"
(in a low voice)-"
stuck in jam,what can i do?
ask him to go ,i dont want anything"

"now dont overreact,tell me how long will you take,will inform him the same."

"say next 15 min."
ok bye!

*with watery eyes,she continued to cover the remaining distance wishing her auto had wings but nothing seemed to be favouring her neither the technology nor the traffic sense.
well not 15 but she managed it in 27 min 33 sec.

entering c.c.d she could not see any familiar face,so she called kunal

"baby i have reached,but how an i going to recognise varun?"

"wait he has just gone to a near by shop,probably must be reaching."

*thinking about the last night,she got realy pissedhe remembered to send her a gift but forgot to even wish.may be that is how a realtion tends to become after a certain time.
it was 10 for 12:30,almost 15 min from the last conversation.

she headed towards the counter tto place her order.
(a heavy voice broke)"2 cafe mocha with sachets of brown sugar please"
it was him.

*not bothered about the crowd,hugged each other n she broke in his arms.
(unable to believe that it was him)

"how come you are here?"

"i drove the entire night
to be with you
to see this smile
to see my angel"
all at once.

*gazing at each other they wondered have they realy completed 7 was so fresh.
fingers clutched
legs playing
naughty yet shy eyes
(listening to ppl talking about them)

*they spent neraly 2 hours there(c.c.d)
moving out for a drive,holding hands while changing gear(kunal giving lessons how to drive)
reaching his place,they were so lost, that they stayed in the parking for around 6 min.deciding whether to drop down or not.
but had to it was time to meet his mom.not that they were meetig for the first time but yes after a long time.
no body home(she left 20 min ago as they were late and ahe had to reach somwhere)

kunal showing his room ,discussing his work was lying on her laps,playing with her curls,
touching her n saying'motu'

smelling each other aisha could sense the passion
there was a sudden silence which broke with the ring of her phone(screen showing dad calling)

she was late
"i'll be home in 20 min.
stuck in jam"

"drop me home kunal"

*he managed to take the shortest route n reached within 12 min to assure she is not in trouble.dropping her at the end of the lane he said:
"happy anniversary once again"

"maine toh tumhein kuch diya hi nahin"(she came closer to kiss)
feeling each others breathe
pumping heart
shivering hands

her phone beeped again(dad calling)
she dropped down bidded good bye and left

*it wasnt that they were kissing for the first time but it felt as if it is the first every time they did so.

she left
kunal finds a paper on the front seat reading:

कितने अज़ीज़ हो तुम
तुमने कभी जाना नहीं
खता ये हमारी है
आया हमें बताना नहीं
अल्फाज़ कुछ अनकहे रह गए
और कुछ अनसुने
न तुम हमसे कह सके
और न ही हम तुम्हें
पल भर की आज़माइश भी
अब सितम लगती है
तेरी ज़िन्दगी से जुड़ी
ज़िन्दगी मेरी
खुदा की रजा लगती है



  1. paramveer said...:

    i like the way wrote story....there are some typing mistakes(1-2)...otherwise story flows well.........and short poem at the end is also quite gud!!...


  1. the story is told very well n it has almost all basic elements of story writing..n poem creats again da same Magic:...gud job'
    bt is it really just a story...coz it seems very close to someone's real life..ha ha'

  1. First time, I am seeing a story on your blog.. :)
    Loved it.. :)
    It's quite romantic.... :)
    Poem was as usual Mesmerizing and captivating.... :)
    Keep writing :)

  1. karan said...:

    i am speechless.....thnx for sharing such a pulchritudinous experience...
    it ws so real...i can actually relate with it..;-)

  1. anushree said...:

    thanx for the appreciation.
    m glad u liked it..
    keep visiting!:)

  1. anushree said...:

    m glad u liked it..
    such incidents always seem to be real as they are very common.m happy you could relate with it.

  1. anushree said...:

    thanks dear.
    it was my first attempt..
    ur positive words give courage. thanks again.
    keep reading!

  1. anushree said...:

    ur welcome...
    keep visiting n keep reading.
    m glad u wer able to relate with mah post..
    hope it bought a smile n not tears.

  1. You know what.. When I was reading the post it was just like a picture unfolding in front of my eyes. I could just relate to each and everything. The disappointment the happiness aisha had and the way they celebrated their togetherness their anniversary.It was too good. wanted to thank you for writing such a beautiful post at this time around.Someone too had a same story at the same time years back. Visit my blog you would know it:-)

  1. anushree said...:

    # butterfly thoughts
    thanks for reading ...
    for sure will do that.
    take care!
    keep visiting

  1. Rohil... said...:

    Lolzzz dis thing always happens in love specially when u r with ur lover :)

    nyways awesome story, nt only dis 1 bt the entire blog is cool....jst 1 thng to say i hope u won't mind tht is i read ur entire blog jst to see nything written by you...whnever u d tht plz inform me will luv to read tht..!!

  1. anushree said...:

    # rohil:
    thanx so much for going through my blog dear,will surely keep u informed whenever i'll post something new..
    take care

  1. nikita said...:

    dis is so much like a real life story..!! d sweetest thing a guy can ever do for a gal...!!!
    well, its hard for me to believe its fiction.. it seems like someone's own story...!! D poem at d end is d perfect end to d entire story..!! loved it..!!! well done..:)

  1. anushree said...:

    # nikita
    thanks dear for the kind words
    keep reading!!

    its all written by me...dear
    thanks for reading