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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Day # 9711 of my life
 we all know at last we have to meet death, leaving behind everything. but i am horrified and clueless.
i have lost some weight and become pale. this was what i realized after whatever happened with me this afternoon.
while sleeping suddenly my heart felt heavy and  found myself drenched in sweat.
may be it was just a symptom of imbalance in my life, can be called a panic attack. i am unable to decide is it chronic or not.
i don't want to visit a doctor or discuss it with my family, as i don't want to trouble any one.
may be it's not that serious , i am just unnecessarily thinking too much and jumping to conclusions.


p.s-  please don't take it seriously.it's just a phase and i'll get ok with it.
and if that's not the case i would know it soon.


  1. If this isn't fiction, then you ought to see a doctor Anushree.

    Take care.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  1. anushree said...:

    # Blasphemous Aesthete
    i am all good now.