Monday, February 14, 2011
i won, who says girls cannot play chess...
her eyes sparkling as she had a wide smile(widening till ears on her face).
yeah!yeah! whatever, its just one game,i just let you win , since i dont like to dishearten girls...(though he knew she was actually good at  the game , but loved those wacky expressions, which are often seen in disapproval...
sipping coffee topped with laugh,play,discussions, this was for the first time they met officially as friends.
arjun was the one friend drishti made during her journey to HongKong. the last time they met was as co-passengers.since then they became acquaintance,friends and now special friends.its just been 10 months and yet they know almost everything about each other ,the likes,dislikes,love crush,break ups, you name it and they know it.
drishti does'nt usually get together with people she meets accidentally may be during journeys or on face book.but arjun was worth an exception .she was impressed -lets say it attracted.he was smart,handsome,sounded intellectual and above all was a charmer.but what appealed her the most was the number of things they had in common-they liked same songs,same colours and shared same morals......

talk,talk,talk!dont let your feelings bottle up,he insisted..
hey its your turn ,she pointed at the board...
it should be resolved before too much baggage piles up,he continued.
this is not the best time to resolve, can we go on a drive please ,she asked.
the air was damp and everything seemed still except for her blinking mellow eyes which were trying to search something but couldn't spot.
her cellphone beeped suddenly...she read the message and shuffled impatiently,her uneasiness growing in the silence.
arjun could see her legs feel wobbly....
is it the karizma of my presence that makes it difficult for you to not to fall for me......
she smiled at his cheekiness,then stopped abruptly...
what else she could do with the fear that grew inside her until her chest felt it might explode...
to be continued........


  1. Virendra said...:

    first thing...I really like ur presentation:)
    n talking about the story...i think..masala thoda zyada ho gaya..bt overall its good..it surprises at many places..that's impresive.
    yet it seems ...drishti is falling in love wid arjun..which is very predictable bt i hope ur surprises continue after the interval hehe..
    m very curious to kno the end......

  1. lusty said...:
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  1. PULKIT said...:

    left me with 3 thoughts.......

    1. Drastic change in blog post presentation, This was awesome in its pro mannerism of a blog post.

    2. It reminded me of a very cute movie I saw some time back...Its an awesome flick called Before Sunrise :) Have u seen it?

    3. I am wondering, whose call it might have been

  1. anushree said...:

    thank u but the story has just begun...it will take some time to reach the new starting point to which some called the end...

  1. anushree said...:

    thank u so much dear
    havent seen the movie..:(
    it wasnt a call but a text beep..
    have to share so much with u ...in between just little worried abt the girl..