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Saturday, January 8, 2011
The spiritual and emotional being helps me in bringing happiness and love to a larger community.
But am I really free to love whoever I want? May be, but I have realized that I am not free to express my love. I am glad to be a part of this ruthless society which makes me stronger each time it smashes me on face.

For any relation to be healthy there has to be an equal effort by both the people in order to maintain it. and, it’s not the responsibility to be carried only by the women.
Then why are only they expected to understand, adjust, sacrifice….and the cruel thing is yet to come, even after doing all this , fulfilling their  so called duties, they have no say, no respect.

Why women have been treated as men’s personal property, why only they have to fight for their rightful place. We say things have changed, beneath the surface it’s still the same.
If you try to voice something you will be attacked either in the name of religion, culture, morals or anything. Shit happens and it will continue…..

We don’t want to feel week, yet they give us a pity look, since we respond emotionally to almost all the things, we are considered to be fools.
You are there for everyone, every time and anytime but you have to face your battles alone. One wrong step and crash…..strangely you will receive opposite of love.

If it’s easy to forgive, why not forgiven?

Take your decision, stand for yourself,  walk out of a relation if it is not worth your efforts.
No more your happiness should be affected by the dip or high of anyone else’s happiness. If you are denied of not more but equal in return , then withdraw yourself.
Be the girl you always wanted to be……..you are free


  1. Virendra said...:

    Sumtimes in life we go through a rough patch...but being a girl or boy isn't responsible for this..
    wel...if we talk about this post..it makes an impact as ur other creations do...
    ........i liked the last line..
    "Be the girl you always wanted to be……..you are free"

  1. anushree said...:

    # virendra: thanks for being such a loyal visitor..ur comments always helps me pen sumthing better...those are my favourite lines as well....