kissed angel

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Angels they exist
now I am sure
not the winged one's
but their heart is pure

no supernatural power
no magic wand
showering only smiles
creating special bonds

by happy coincidence
I met one
it wasn't an illusion
neither it's for fun

entering my world
when I so very needed
searching for happiness
on every door when I pleaded

shattered by storms
when I refused to fly 
hoping against hope
was his final try

assembling the pieces
that were mine
turning down gloom
bringing sunshine

who's the blessed angel
I often thought
for what reason's 
was he bought

may be I have answer
answers to this all
kissed by the almighty
he came in winter fall

unaware of what 
life planned for me 
cursing god
for hard times I see

worse was still
to come my way
thinking it's over
enough of the play

this angel came
came in my life
for what reason's 
I could not find

perpetual bother
I proved to him
summoned his presence
with big fat grin

time made me realise
much he (god) cared for me 
worried of future 
he sent thee

no more a trash
I think of me 
his special child
I am suppose to be.......


  1. AWESOME's An inspiring poem about overcoming great obstacles..

    u kno..wen i read this one..i was a bit tensed bt it simply made me feel really good yaa...........
    Thank u:-)

  1. anushree said...:

    # virendra
    thank u so much
    how much i love to read ur comments..not because u always appreciate my work but how u never fail to read and comment on whatever i scribble...
    thanks alot!

    god bless ya dear..
    keep reading!

  1. PULKIT said...:

    another post.... spell bounding. with hidden jargon of its own....
    u have a way of leaving me....with some "who is this for?" "what is it about etcetrassssssss"
    love u sis!

  1. anushree said...:

    #pulkit:thanx for reading dear,
    this one is very u too...and ya keep thinking..