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Thursday, October 29, 2009

DIARY ENTRY 29.10.09

Dear Yaara (god)-{that is how ananya calls him}

how have you been, it was a long tiering day for me,but i enjoyed.
though uno why but still mujhe batana hai......can u believe he finally called up
(kartik , ananya's love rather life, she was crazy about him)

pehle toh gussa kiya , phir mujhse baat nahin ki and then after two long days he called up all the way from Mumbai.
(kartik ,working as a system analyst in a multinational company)

sirf" sorry" bola and then he said" i am busy have some work"

male ego u see,bloody ASS ...

ino mujhe aisa nahin bolna chahiye. but he always does this.

kal jab maine apko letter likha tha , i had told u , why he yelled at me and even u know it wasnt my mistake
when he called up my lectures were going on, toh kaise baat karti ?

and as usual u know he has his own assumptions and judgement.

sorry again!
ab nahin bolongi aise theek hai

"so rahe the kya?"

"nai nai swimming kar rahi thi":))

he said" i love you"
n hanged up...weired no

1:00am -" i really love you, chod toh nahin doge na "

1:35 am- "baby i am really sorry please forgive me"

and as usual uno how easily i forgive people , so I said its ok.

he said he wants to marry me as he cannot live without me ,he 'll die.

typically bollywood masala movie types.
but the fact is i loveto hear that

2:30am -we were still talking, i told him though the call rates have been reduced but still he cannot afford to talk on STD for so long

(he was least bothered to listen)

3:15am- "i have lectures tomorrow"
(actually she is not a student but a lecturer at B.H.U)

but stupid baat karte karte so gaya
meri neend toh kharaab kar di na , isliye main is waqt letter likh rahi hoon.

but i wish if i could see , how he looks when he sleeps!

muskurahat jinse nazrein na hatein
nazrein jinmein sapne basein
sapne jinmein saath ho hum
saath jo ho har kadam
meri kalpana mein tum
aise hi lagte ho
jab hoge rubaru
tab phir likhoongi in pannon par
jab sote ho toh kaise dikhte ho!

(5:00am) good night ke liye toh late ho gaya hai
goodmorning yaara!



  1. "but i wish if i could see , how he looks when he sleeps!"
    dats really Romantic!!
    n lovely poem yaa...
    3out of 5 for da story bt 5 out of 5 fr da poem...gud job!!

  1. I don’t know if its fiction or real. But its beautiful. U write small but its so effective. When I read it I can relate to so many instances and feel its so real.. anyways I love reading you is what I want to say.
    “Good night ke liye to late ho gaya hain good morning yaara” that was cute and innocent.

  1. anushree said...:

    thanks for appreciating..will try that next tym i dont lose marks n its a 10/10.

  1. anushree said...:

    #butterfly thoughts

    i am glad that u like my posts...
    will try to live up to the expectation n keep the essence of reality intact.

  1. Quite Sweet and Romantic post.. :)
    Loved it.. :)

  1. anushree said...:

    # amit
    thanks dear..

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Disturb someone's sleep and then they sleep...I hate such people...I rather call them narcissists...

    Don't take offence....I am telling from what I have learnt in my life.

    This was no fiction in my life.. unfortunately.

  1. anushree said...:

    so true...well glad that u read it..n took enough pain to comment...thanx for visiting..keep reading...