Thursday, February 18, 2010
आई तेरे दर पर, हर बंदिश मैं तोड़कर
ख्वाहिश बस, तेरी एक नज़र थी
करम इतना भी न हुआ मुझपर
शायद यही खुदा की रज़ा थी 


  1. arre kya kah rai ho yaar!!who made u to write this..who's that idiot..hehe..kidding..
    But seriously its....very touchy!!!I really liked it:)

  1. touching. I read the last post too. I was amazed as how love lasts for so long without any motive. beautiful story.

  1. anushree said...:

    thanks for appreciating..
    well no one exactly inspired me to write this...just a feeling which i have put in words.
    take care

  1. anushree said...:

    #butterfly thoughts
    i am glad u liked it dear..
    thanks for reading,as ur comments are always motivating to keep up the good work
    god bless

  1. PULKIT said...:

    small yet...something that left an Impact on me!
    I wont ask any question!
    till we meet...

  1. anushree said...:

    thanks for reading..
    i can better express things in writing rather than saying..gimme a paper n a pen wen we meet.