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Monday, February 15, 2010

"बारिश की हर बूँद
जिसने मुझे छुआ
सूर्य की वो हर किरण
जिसने मुझे रौशन किया
हवा की हर वो थाप 
जो मुझे महका गयी 
चांदनी सी रंगीन वो रात 
जो मुझे सजा गयी 
साँसों की हर वो राग 
जो संगीत बना गयी 
धड़कन की वो गूँज 
जो शोर मचा गयी
यूँ ही मेरी नज़रें 
तेरी छवि बना गयीं
छवि ऐसी जो 
मेरी ज़िन्दगी उभार गयी
उभरे  हर पन्ने पर
मेरी खुशियाँ सजा गयी 
खुशियाँ भी खुश हो न पायीं 
और जुदाई मुझे दफना गयी
जुदाई के मौसम में भी 
तेरे प्यार का रंग था घना 
दामन में था बस साथ तेरा 
साथ जो चलता रहा"

During my trip to singapore ,last month ,i met this lady who must be around 69 years old and was seated next to me .During this long journey of 5 hours, i couldnt resist but talk to her.what grace and charm she had and it was during that conversation learned about her.

she had no children,no family ,no husband or any body close to her except"JAI".
52 years back she met this handsome fellow at a party ,who stayed in her neighbourhood and had just returned from his boarding completing his education this was their first encounter.dressed in a yellow saree and a bun decorated with jasmine,she looked no less then a princess.
                                        This man named JAIYADITYA was also the hot topic among all the ladies, for they all wanted him to be their son in law.
Taking each others name or even talking was not permitted during those all what they could do was to take a glance every now and then.
After a few days they met each other in a garden at the back of a temple and declared their love for each other.
unlike the bollywood cinema their was no problem in their getting married as they belonged to the same caste,same religion,and shared almost equal status.
                                        Finally,the things were fixed and they got engaged.only after a few days MANYA'S father expired and it was said that it was due to manya's stars which were not in favour of her fathers life.
heart broken and hurt she started blaming herself and became superstitious.(after all who wants to loose the one we love the most).
 In order to clear all her doubts,she wanted to get her and jaiyaditya's kundlis matched.
The pandit said her stars will have negative effect on his life as well as his family if they get married.
This cleared her dilemma and she decided to call off her engagement.Jai was not the one who believed in all this and tried to convince manya too.but she was in no mood to change her decision.Though they both knew it wont be easy for either of them to forget each other but their was no other alternative.
                              Manya promised Jai that she wont marry anyone else ever but he will have to begin a new life.
now after 44 years Jai has a family, two son and a daughter and have shifted to singapore and manya is living with all the good memories and love she treasured.
Today she is going to visit their place as its Jai's 75th birthday and his kids have planed a surprise party in which she is the guest of honour.
i asked her how come they are still in touch and his family does n't have an objection?
with a generous smile she said"the day we got engaged we promised each other to be best of friends, though the engagement did n't last for long nut we are still fulfilling our promises..
ANNOUNCEMENT: flight no. AK353 is about to land at the CHANGI AIRPORT in some time,kindly fasten your seat belts,hope you enjoyed your flight.have a nice day.
After the immigration when i  proceeded to collect my luggage i could see the  handsome old man who came to receive her.
They hugged each other and headed to their destination.
its well said that love never dies....


  1. Anu..this post makes me speechless..n also imotional at the sanme time...I think this is something which is called "True Love"...all i can say is that..this one is the best post u've ever written...n ofcourse beautifully told...
    loved it:)

  1. anushree said...:

    # virendra kishore
    thanks for helps in keeping up the courage to write.i would also like to thank u for being such a loyal reader.
    god bless

  1. is that really a true story...if it is...its one of the rare ones that one seldom gets to hear and cherish forever...!

  1. anushree said...:

    # musing gypsy:
    thanx alot ya
    keep reading