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Saturday, February 4, 2012
Day#9656-9663 of my life

Year 2012 seems to be bringing lot of changes to my life.sometimes dreaming,hoping,yearning loses its luster of romance.although we loved each other faithfully, we would fight and make it worse without being able to get to the root of the issue and there came a time when we realized that the minimal contact was not enough to sustain us.
i was on the verge of becoming crazy.
we decided to call off the fight to keep the relationship on track.in- person visit was a well needed breeze.which seemed no less than a dream.
but god allows miracles to happen when its least expected. and yes i was so happy,sitting next to him.we felt a connection with each other,we never felt before .
i talked crazily.great! now i was to get drunk.soon there came a time when alcohol took effect.i was hardly able to keep my eyes open but i was enjoying my high because i knew i was with him.
when you are so in love it feels good that you don't see the bad.
and then my heart with pleasure fills
 and dances with the daffodils*


p.s: long distance relationships are tough but so worth it.it takes plenty of efforts but the result speaks for it.
very well said by Plato"at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.":):):)
*lines taken from "daffodils" by william wordsworth


  1. virendra said...:

    "when you are so in love it feels good that you don't see the bad"...
    very well said...
    but do u really believe in miracles!! does god really allow miracles to happen when its least expected..!!

    ahh anyways...as now it seems things r turning fine..but i'm curious to know wat's next....

  1. anushree said...:

    # virendra
    i only believe in spirituality..and yes miracles do happen only if you believe..
    cheers to life!!

  1. nikita said...:

    the best thing i like about this post is d way u have managed to summarize ur entire life in just a few neat lines.

    p.s : i would want to know the details as well. :p ;)

  1. Long distance relationships are tough, but I've read people who've held on through thick and thin, and have flown away like a majestic pair. Somehow, I want your story to proceed on a high note. Bless you, and cheers!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  1. anushree said...:

    #Blasphemous Aesthete
    blessings are needed.always
    thank u for the same


    everything that glitters is not gold..